We provide turnkey Amazon Marketplace Management for producers of physical products that –amazon-logo

  • Want to expand distribution onto the Amazon platform for the first time, or
  • Have tried selling on Amazon but have not yet been successful

The primary benefit of our service is you don’t need to do a thing if you don’t want to.

We offer a comprehensive service where we manage your entire Amazon distribution operation (except shipping inventory to Amazon).

Specifically we perform –

  • Market Analysis – to verify that the product(s) will have a high probability of success on the Amazon platform
  • Competitive Research – determine how many units the top competitors are selling per day and their profit margins
  • Pricing Recommendations
  • Obtaining approval from Amazon to list your product in a specific product category
  • Constructing (& Testing) your Amazon listing including: professional pictures, properly designing and formatting the product title, construct feature rich bullet points, effective keyword enhanced description, proper use of the special keyword section
  • Marketing systems design including
    • Automated email follow up series on each order
    • Amazon sponsored ads
    • Google Adwords (new ad layout version)
    • Facebook text and video ads
    • Facebook flash sale
    • System to split test ads
    • Amazon coupon stack
    • Buyer review requests
    • Constructing sales funnels
    • Building customer lists
  • Customer Service (if desired)
    • Respond to customer feedback
    • Respond to customer reviews
    • Customer inquiries & complaints
    • Correspondence with Amazon.com
  • Other Services and Tools
    • Customer Resource Management System (CRM)
    • Customer email correspondence tools with autoresponder
    • Sales funnel development tools
    • Sales video production
    • Review tracker
    • Rank tracker by keyword
    • Keyword indexing tracker
    • Analysis of buying keywords

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